Misfits and Chaos

The Tomb of the Elven Queen

This is the tomb of the elven queen Chaexisys

The riddles.

Naemarris’ riddle:
What is it
That we love more than life
Fear more than death
The rich want it
The poor have it
The miser spends it
The spend riff saves it

Glenvin’s riddle
I you must keep after giving me away
What am I?

He who makes me doesn’t want me,
He who buys me doesn’t need me
He who uses me doesn’t care
What am I.

This is the tomb of the elven queen Chaexisys

3 Skeletons
5 Skeletons

4 Twig Blights
2 Vine Blights
2 Needle Blights

The Beginning

On Calendar Day 1 our story begins
with our party in a tavern called
the “Guilded Pony”. As the party
converse and discuss their origin
some notice that something dark
is approaching their position.
The light is drained from the
night sky and the tavern is attacked
by swarms of skeletons. The
situation seemed dire when a flash of
bright light dispersed the darkness
and destroyed the remaining undead.

As our party regains their composure
the tavern doors fling open and a
figure appears in the arch. The man
identifies himself as Anton Astoria.


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